I’m so Crafty… I Made Shot Glasses Out Of Limes!

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Inspired to create something new while making cocktails last night. Cheers!

Inspired to create something new while making cocktails last night. Cheers!

“Bad Words” with Jason Bateman

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 Salem & I did some work in Hollywood on the movie Bad Words with Jason Bateman.

Currently watching her make the funniest face in the background of the spelling bee.

Love that kid.


Hair Of The Dog: Hangover Remedies That Work.

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Sharing some ideas from my book with Brides.com about post wedding hangovers. Let me know if you have any good ones to add.  

My name is Anneliese Place, I am a Bar & Hospitality Consultant and author of  “Hair Of The Dog: Hangover Remedies That Work” available soon on Amazon.


The true cure for a hangover (the medical term is veisalgia) involves time and complicated body chemistry. However, there are some amazing ways to ease yourself through the pain of a post wedding hangover by treating the symptoms! The tried and true for many is to drink water, fresh juice or electrolyte based drinks like Powerade, Gatorade & Pedialyte to relieve symptoms. Try popping an Alka Seltzer for an upset stomach and ibuprofen for a pounding head. (Caution: Do not take pain medications containing acetaminophen, such as Tylenol. The combination of acetaminophen and alcohol may cause liver damage.) However, I think my favorite remedies are a bit more enjoyable:

“Hair of the Dog”. My suggestion is that you enjoy a Bloody Mary with breakfast (or as breakfast!). This is not a cure but it will help you feel better fast and should get you through a rough morning. While you may not be able to stomach another round of tequila shots or the thought of one more sip from a bottle of champagne to calm your post wedding hangover, chances are a Bloody Mary won’t sound bad at all. The phrase, “hair of the dog”, means that like cures like, an idea dating all the way back to at least the time of Hippocrates.  

Lemon Water. This just may prove to be a magic elixir for every morning, not just after a wedding celebration. If you just can’t think of having another drink its time for lemon water in your cup. Squeeze the juice of half a fresh lemon into 8 oz. of warm water and enjoy. This helps balance blood sugar and correct your body’s PH level. If it’s hard to swallow on this particular morning, stir in a teaspoon or two of raw honey.

Apple Cider Vinegar. If you can tough it out, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar stirred into a glass of water helps to restore balance in PH levels and increase deficient important minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium and iron. What does all that mean? Your body will thank you.

B12 drops.  A couple drops of B12 (also called cobalamin) in your water or drink of choice will assist the body perform critical functions of the brain and nervous system and get you ready to rejoin with the wedding party in no time at all.

Getting married in Las Vegas? You are in luck! Head over to Hangover Heaven to see Dr. Jason Burke and his staff. Trust me on this one. He has had thousands of patients feeling better in less than an hour. Dr. Burke is a board certified anesthesiologist, trained at Duke University. He has been a practicing anesthesiologist for over ten years with extensive OR and ICU experience. He is the first physician in the United States to formally dedicate his career to the study and treatment of veisalgia, the medical term for the common hangover.


Not getting married in Vegas? Dr Burke has created Hangover Heaven supplements, which can be purchased online. These should help get you through all those champagne toasts.

Kombucha. This may be the best tip out there for a bride that plans on going a little overboard. This beverage provides crucial, energy giving B vitamins, antioxidants and contains a blend of beneficial probiotics to aid in digestion and detoxifying the body with gluconic acid. Additionally, kombucha makes for an excellent mixer.

Kombucha can be used as a sour mix to make tasty cocktails like the kombucharita and the kombucha sour along with others great recipes that can be found in my book “Hair Of The Dog: Hangover Remedies That Work”.  In a sort of “reverse-toxmosis” you don’t ever have to experience a hangover again.

I have also added my favorite top 3 tips to get through a wedding gracefully while drinking.

Almonds. Native Americans claim eating a handful of almonds (6 to 12) before drinking will protect the body against intoxication and hangover effects. This is a super idea for the bride that has Jordan Almonds within reach. These fancy, sugarcoated candies are rich in cultural meaning and may just save your head from ringing like wedding bells in the morning.

Let them eat cake! Do not pass on the wedding cake, enjoy it. Brides often diet to fit into a dress and look perfect for their special day. Lack of carbs in a diet can quickly ruin a reception for the bride who is drinking. Eating wedding cake can help stabilize the effects of the alcohol consumed.

Do not mix different types of alcohol or end the evening with shots. Both can cause memory loss and blackouts. Who wants to forget the best day of their lives?

If you have any other suggestions let me hear from you. I may quote you in my next ebook!

Own A Bar? What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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I was recently asked that very question by Amanda Baltazatr of Nightclub & Bar Magazine. This is what I shared with her.

After decades of experience I have a long list of what’s bad and what’s good for the bar business. Areas of concern range from poor customer service, employee theft, customer behavior and tax issues all the way to extremes such as guns, knives and injured customers. I have experienced all of these situations and more either within my own nightclub or the ones I consult for.

My Name is Anneliese Place. I am a Bar & Hospitality Consultant specializing in de-escalation. I train bar staff to properly identify, assess and appropriately respond to potentially negative situations before they become problems. I advise clients not to sweat a poor Yelp review and instead ensure customer safety and the enjoyment of their overall experience so they will continue to come back and bring their friends. Nothing damages a reputation like a DUI on the way home, a bar fight with injuries, or a loud mouth customer that clears the bar of paying customers.

Things change fast in this business. I’ll never forget being on travel overseas and getting the phone call that a shooting had occurred in my nightclub. Even with a properly trained staff, I still couldn’t get home fast enough. On the best of nights unruly customers can turn a good night bad. Fire, a tear gas canister or smoke bomb can create potentially catastrophic scenarios with disastrous results if the staff is not trained to handle a crowd.

Knowing your customers, the demographic you serve, is key. Hiring employees that work well with them, developing the right drink list, and providing the right ambiance are all important elements of that service. However, employee training will define whether your bar remains in business or not. It is imperative that all these elements be maintained consistently, neglect to pay attention to any one of them and your bar will have problems.

If you have any ideas to add let me know… You may be in my next ebook!

Starbucks Coffee, Wine & A Good Time

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Who”s idea was it to put wine at Starbucks? Who cares… I like it. Such a fan of the coffee shops. Check out the write up here.20140407-112726.jpg

SXSW Drunk Driver Kills 2

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So very sad to get a call tonight with the news. SXSW was changed forever as a drunk driver plowed through a crowd killing 2 and 5 critical condition. 23 in hospital as of now. Heavy heart for all involved. Things are changing. Make a change. #vow4mal


The 1st time anyone said I helped them pass the bar!

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Lindsay passed the bar

I have coached my 1st lawyer to pass the bar… So proud!


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