You must be 21 to ride this ride…

Oh Damn…I am on Myspace to find a MP3 that Shelby, Darla and I recorded with Dave Caira a couple summers back- Called GIRLS NIGHT OUT! All I wanted was the tune on my ipod before I hit 24 hour fitness tonight and up pops the instant messenger. Ohhh I knew better. Jake Smith…21 from Santa Barbara & Boston. I knew better than to respond to this one yet the temptation was too great for me. I pressed the button. I did it.

What do I get? A SBCC student throwing out his best lines: So you single? and yes I have a thing for more mature women…I’ve never hooked up with a mom before… I tell him I don’t think so right now… you gotta be 21 to ride this ride. The kid asks “Don’t I get a free ride?” That is some funny shit right there. Nobody rides this ride for free.

This guy thinks I am old Santa Barbara money looking for a good time. He needs a Sugar Mama. Feel bad for the kid almost…. So if your a rich ol lady from SB looking to get lucky this is my gift to you: Jakes number: 805-252-1907

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4 thoughts on “You must be 21 to ride this ride…

  1. Priceless. I heart u…this blog is SO fun to read!!!!


  2. Hi Anneliese,it is me Dave Caira,would love to send you a copy of “Gitl’s Night Out”,feel free to email me your adress,and thanks again,great job!


    1. I would love to get a copy of that Dave! I loved doing that with you and the girls!


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