Goodbye to Dio May 30th

I checked my Facebook and there it was, DIO – RIP.

It hit me so hard. I started crying and closed my laptop.

Flashback to the AM radio reporting Elvis was dead and watching my mother fall to the kitchen floor crying.

Neither of us had met these men but we loved them.

Elvis and Dio were not just legends in rock and roll, they were our first concerts.

They were were not just men, they were symbols of our youth.

I think that’s it, what upset me so much…

Ronnie James Dio is more than the guy who invented metal horns and replaced Ozzy

Dio was my youth. Gulp.

So this is my Mob Rules Shirt from 29 years ago….. Can’t believe it still fits.

There will be a memorial service down in LA at The Hall of Liberty May 30th to pay respects.

That is when I am saying goodbye to Dio for the final time.

I think I’m going to wear my shirt.

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye to Dio May 30th

  1. Wow..That was awesome. It really left me speech-less and realizing who we’ve all lost. Your words are so honest and Heart felt/sincere. Thank you for speaking for many of us that don’t or can’t express what is in our Hearts.


  2. I agree, this is a awesome post. Sad but awesome…


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