I made friends that night and I started to ask for job

Matt Calamare my dear friend and employee at The Compound posted this on his blog.

Just want to say thank you and let you know how much it means to me.

Thanks Matt! I Love you long time.

Anna Place, The Former Nightclub Owner of

I remember I came in the Compound Nightclub in my hometown.. It’s huge building with 2 floors. One floor for Live Music which was every weekends, and downstair has DJ Live with dance area with nightclub’s famous light show and video effect on projector behind the bar and the jail set was there.

I was thought of “other side’s other club” but it not true. but it is just a nightclub. I started going there every weekend which i made some new friends over there.

Also I met Anna Place who is the Former of Compound Nightclub’s owner, she very good women. I just show up for Korake night which I am curious about that… I made friends that night and I started to ask for job but it not really happen but few weeks or month later, Anna interested me to to work because i do hard work for this club as security staff for Tuesday nights. then after that, i started come in for weekend, I started to help the stocking of Beers and shits.

I do started to talk with Anna as being new friend. she very good women as i said mentioned about. I like her as being my friend because she understand what I am doing as being Deaf. Sometime we do Texting on cell phone or email. sometime wrote down the paper to commutation with me.

After that, I made friends with Bartenders who worked there. they are so good people. after the great way to meet them. One night, I got accidentally going protect from fighting as caused my left brows busted open when i was supposedly to stop this but my mistake to jump into there. I know I hate Drama. but I learned my lesson about it. I don’t need being security someway but just watch and tell other staff what going on beside. Anna not happy sometime when bad things come in and screwed it up. I still supported her no matter what as what friends for. Sometime She asked me to doing work at daytime as cleaning shits.

Until Last night of Club before Shutdown, someone told me about what happen at this club, it make me feel sadly to see this shutdown… but Anna asked me to help out to clean the shit out and move the stuff in the trailer, and the club was empty as u image this, that’s take lots of hours to done it. Now Compound is out and new club come in, which I don’t want go there because i don’t interesting to see what the different. but I like to keep Compound there but oh well. I love Compound already because it make me feel fun and socialized with people every time when I seen them.

That’s why I am decided to writing about it because I wanted to Honor Anna who owned The Compound Nightclub. I love her as being great friend, I know she had hard time or not, I still supported her no matter what. I love u, Anna 😀 Thank u for being running the Compound nightclub. I missed that already. Thanks for the reading this Blog

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2 thoughts on “I made friends that night and I started to ask for job

  1. Anneliese, you really ARE the Queen of Nightlife! Hands down, one of the coolest people in the biz! You rock!!! She gave me and my band (TOOL tribute band SCHISM from NYC) a chance when no one else would, she’s a legend on the East Coast (MA). Really sad to see her leave us, but so glad she’s doing well now out west (as predicted). It’s been a pleasure performing at your place over the years, for your patrons, and for you. THANK YOU SO MUCH, SCHISM loves ya hommie, hope to see ya soon! XO


  2. I miss the Compound…I met a lot of great friends that I am still friends with today and had a blast every time I was there….you always had the best entertainers


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