Rolling Stone Predicts My Death and You’re Invited to the Funeral

Years ago I got a phone call from Rolling Stone.

They told me that in return for being a long time subscriber

and supporter of the magazine,

I had been selected as a charter member for a lifetime subscription.

“Ummm… yes please.”

I’ve always had a love affair with Rolling Stone – going right back to the first issue I ever touched.

I remember the cover so clearly, Stevie Nicks in bed with Fleetwood Mac.

Hooked I tell ya…

I wasn’t even ten years old and I was hooked.

I used all the money I had for pinball on that magazine.

Stevie Nicks was where it was at for me.

That was issue 235, issue 1105 came to my mailbox last week with Keith Richards on the cover.

( I did not get the Mick Jagger cover, but Lisa Morse did! )

I was just as excited to find that magazine in my mailbox as I was as a kid so long ago.


The meaning of a lifetime subscription didn’t really hit me until today.

I just looked at the date, it expires:

December 14, 2056.

This is the date Rolling Stone predicts I will die.

In case you are wondering, it’s a Thursday.

Mark your calender.


That means I haven’t even lived half my life yet.

It also means I am going to live till I’m 89 years old.

I like that.

46.5 years left to live.

What would you do in that time?

I have a lot of planning to do.

If you have any ideas for my bucket list make a comment

and while you are at it subscribe to my blog.

It won’t kill ya.

3 thoughts on “Rolling Stone Predicts My Death and You’re Invited to the Funeral

  1. David Madigan May 24, 2010 — 4:08 am

    I got the Kieth cover too. My g/f “Lisa” Simpson got the Mick cover though! Strange coincidence or something more???


    1. That is strange… Lisa was telling me she loved the picture of Mick and I saw it was Keith… I thought she was crazy.


  2. I love this!!!! And yes…it’s definitely Mick!


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