Mad U2 Invaded Your Apple iTunes?


Why are you mad that iTunes gave you the gift of music? Not just a gift of some no name garage band, nope… U2. I think you may have heard them before. The lil band in the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, Those guys that fight issues concerning poverty, disease, and social injustice? Those guys that sold more than 150 million records, among the best selling music artists in history? Those Rat Bastards at Apple are trying to make us listen to that shit? I won’t hear of it! My rights have been compromised!

Whooooa Hold up everybody. Lets take a step back in time.. Did you click that agree button on iTunes? I know I did. Think about the rights you give away yourself before you start whining. You sold them out for iTunes.


As for U2 selling out to Apple.. Its called marketing people. I happen to like music and free music seems like a good thing to me. In fact the best part of my Starbucks coffee is the free music card. You all know it’s true, the gift of music changes a bad day to a good day even if its not your cup of tea, or coffee so to speak.

Last thing to think about… 5 STARS from Rolling Stone. How often do you see that? It’s rare. Give the tunes a listen. If you don’t dig it delete it. Move on.

  I want to thank U2 for the music it feels like an early birthday gift.

October 6th if  you are wondering.

My name is Anneliese Place, music is my master.

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