Bartending In A New Light

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I stopped into the Lobby Bar at the Aria to meet the winner of the 2015 Bols Best Bartender competition and Vegas Seven’s Best Bartender, Nick Houck. Nick came to Vegas in 2006 from Ohio to be a world class bartender and he is on the fast track to become
just that.


He holds a spot on the Executive Board of the 165 Bartender’s Union of Las Vegas and with twelve years of bartending experience under his belt, he’s on a mission to offer superior cocktails and a world-class experience while serving his guests with integrity.

Nick is a warm and welcoming gentleman with more to offer than just a cold drink. I was impressed with his professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit.


He has used his knowledge and skills to invent the FlashPour, A precision pour spout designed to flash at a proper bartender count to allow a more accurate recipe, product control, loss prevention, and a training tool.

Nick gave me a couple to try out myself. First off they are just plain fun to use. I love anything that adds flash and bling to a drink presentation. Second I can clearly see why FlashPour is being featured on Spike TV’s BarRescue, because this product can also save bar owners lots of $$$.

Interested in learning to craft beverages quickly to please guests and save money? Check out Nick speaking on POURING WITH SPEED & ACCURACY at the Nightclub and bar tradeshow in Las Vegas on March 7 2016, 10:00 AM, at The Las Vegas Convention Center.


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