Life Hack: How To Stop Sucking

This life hack is super easy and you can make this badass change in under a minute. Ready for it? Stop using plastic straws. That’s it. Just stop.

strawGlobewMsg1200x475image credit: The Last Straw

Celebrate NATIONAL SKIP THE STRAW DAY and help stop 500 million straws per day going into landfills and the ocean. Clean up your act on #SkipTheStrawDay

How heavy is your drink anyways? Your parents taught you to pick up a glass and drink from the cup. This shit ain’t hard to do.



I can give you lots of statistics on the damage plastic straws do to the world but I am going a different route just to make it easy on you…

By reminding you using straws gives you “smokers wrinkles”.

How hard will it be to stop sucking? Have you ever seen an old person with smokers wrinkles?


Check out this Buzz feed video… See how others blazed the trail before you:



Love your straw too much to give it up? You can still suck if you want it bad enough. There are so many options out there to trade it for. Glass, Stainless steel straws, bamboo, and even paper (Paper straws, while still disposable, are biodegradable and from a renewable source.)



Yes, it will be a hard 30 seconds to make the change. You will live through the difficult transition I promise! YOU CAN DO IT!


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