3 Of The Best On World Bartender Day


When I think of my favorite bartenders, my mind travels back in time to the laughs I have shared with so many of you.  


Voted the best bartender in Vegas is the one and only Nick Houck.

Nick is the inventor of FlashPour is a multi-dimensional bar management tool. It is a pour spout based on the flow rate of a 285-50 with the added bonus of a light built in that flashes at a proper bartenders count. Every flash indicates a ¼ ounce. Count the flashes and get the perfect pour every time. Check it out:


My hometown Favorite Bartender with the best concert tickets and killer seats for the Boston Red Sox, Hollywood Haz, sometimes known as Kevin Hazem. Love this guy. In the mosh pit or behind the bar he keeps everything rocking.


Haz took a break from work to pose with me and my best friend, Barbara Ann. Haz likes scrabble, long walks on the beach and Pina Coladas. ummm… No that is somebody else. He likes winning bartending competitions for his crazy, colorful drinks like the BioHazard and partying with rock stars.


Last but surely not least… Bartending legend, SALVATORE CALABRESE you can find the locations of his cocktail bars around the world. If you have a cocktail book on your shelf, Salvatore either wrote it or influenced it.


Loud Shout out & big thanks to Kenneth Chalant for drawing this awesome picture of Salvatore. More about Salvatore in one of my upcoming posts.

If you are a bartender I should know you! Let’s get in touch on Insta, Facebook & Twitter.

Till then Have a wonderful World Bartender Day!

Love & Cocktails,




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