Make Your Party Mean Something

Another quick lesson in making your party mean something with American Nightlife. Last week we gave up PLASTIC straws. You are not alone on that journey, I also asked Bars and Nightclubs to give up non-recyclable straws too! American Nightlife knows we can make a difference in the world through our culture. It will take some help from our friends. (That means YOU!)  So let’s get the learning on.

This week I am helping get the word out about water.


Water? Nightlife isn’t about water. Or is it? I got schooled and I’m sharing my story. It all started like this…

whiskey 11

Me: “Can I get a whiskey with a water back?”

Bartender: “Whiskey coming right up. Wait for Water will be about 6 hours”

Me: “WTF are you talking about? I’m not waiting 6 hours to drink my whiskey”


Bartender: “ah… We have no water here for 6 hours”

“Let me explain, oh hey do you like Matt Damon?”

Me: “Yes”

Bartender: “Watch this video…”

Founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, has transformed more than nine million lives with access to safe water, a lot of this money has come from the  Stella Artois Chalice campaigns.


 The real 411, I got it straight from so I don’t f@#k it up…

“The purchase of a Limited-Edition Stella Artois Chalice helps provide 5 years of clean water to someone in the developing world. This year’s collection features hand-crafted designs inspired by Mexico, India and the Philippines, created by female artists from each of these countries. Purchase yours today and help end the global water crisis.

*$3.13 helps provide 5 years of clean water for 1 person in the developing world. Stella Artois will donate $3.13 to for every Limited-Edition Stella Artois Chalice sold in the U.S. between 1/1/18 and 12/31/18, up to 300,000 chalices.”

Yes, I got my Limited-Edition Stella Artois Chalices in the mail. They are so beautiful and meaningful. I may need to get the entire collection!



It was easy to do and they didn’t cost so much. Really felt better to get them than throw money out the window on something I will never use again. It is a really great cause!


What you can do to help right now:

Start a fundraiser! Hold an event that raises money and awareness for people around the world in need.

The purchase of a Limited-Edition Stella Artois Chalice brings hope, opportunity, and helps provide 5 years of clean water to someone in the developing world. Buy your Limited-Edition Stella Artois Chalice here!

Become a partner with


Get a Stella Artois Chalice and fill it up today. You will feel great every time you use it! I guarantee it! Till next time my friends.

Cheers with a Stella Artois,



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