Dow Closes Down 420 ~ Smoke ‘Em If Ya Got ‘Em

The Dow just fell 586 points.

Let’s celebrate that 4:20!!!!


Why celebrate 420? Cause it’s better than crying over it. (Besides we are in California. Why the hell not? )

If there is a time to party, you know American Nightlife will find one!   

Queen Of Nightlife, Anneliese Place
Let’s stay positive people.

The sharp stock market drop came around 12:30 p.m. ET  to a reaction to Trump’s announcement on steel and aluminum tariffs.

We have already poured the Jack Daniels. If whiskey and weed aren’t your things, get your drink on with Tipsy Bartenders ultimate superhero cocktail… SUPERMAN‘S KRYPTONITE!  No added tariff on this cocktail!

Tipsy Bartender says “This drink is strong just like the “Man of Steel” but it’s extremely tasty because of its spiced rum, coconut rum, and Midori base. The drink has an awesome green kryptonite color. All this is topped with Bacardi 151″

Sounds just like what America needs right now!

 Enjoy this roller coaster ride.

1530433_821779570627_681957637_n Remember…

That SUPERMAN’S KRYPTONITE is waiting for you!

Till next time friends!



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