I’m With Stormy, American Nightlife BadAss

Well, ladies and gentleman… we have ourselves a real American Badass right here. Stormy is a rebel, the kind of person you wish you had the balls to be secretly but are too scared what people would think of you. Stormy doesn’t give a fuck what you or anyone else thinks of her. Trump better have her money.

A new legend in the making. You don’t think so? Well believe it or not Marilyn Monroe was not a legend in her time when she was having an affair with the president either. She ruffled so many feathers she wound up dead and people still try and solve her death today. You gotta know this chick has watched Houe of Cards and still rolled the dice. I am definitely going out on a limb with BadAss.

The lawsuit is filed. Stormy is not going to be silenced. It’s on CNN... All over the news, the radio, and internet. There is even a drink made in her honor by the famed mixologist The Martini Diva!


America’s favorite stripper, everyone loves to talk about Stormy. Well maybe Malania isn’t so fond of her right now but I’m sure they will be great friends in years to come. That’s how these things always work out.

Heck, they may even be roommates like Frankie and Grace style.

Stormy is moving from the bottom to the top very fast. her journey reminds me of the great American urban classic Sister Carrie (1900) by Theodore Dreiser. Carrie is a mistress to men that she perceives as superior, and later becoming a famous actress, she is the one that is superior all along. Stormy definitely has those American BadAss character traits like Carrie. Easy to love those qualities.

Why shouldn’t we love her? The American girl that got to sleep her way to the top… Whoooooaaaa hold the phone. Did I say she slept her way to the top? She didn’t sleep her way to the top at all. We all like her because she didn’t let men silence her with money.

She reached down inside herself to find her badass spirit and found her voice. Stormy did not sleep her way to the top, She was wide awake the whole time. This my friends is a woman who knows what she is doing.

Sometimes ya gotta get down with the people to see what’s really going on and get things done. Stormy knows how to get down. I am interested in her next move. I do believe I can hang out with her for a while and watch this show. Dolla dolla bills ya’ll

(You can find me this week at the strip club drinking a Dork & Stormy & wearing this shirt, You should get one too!)

Till next time My friends,



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