Gin, a cocktail lovers best friend.

It’s spring in Santa Barbara and we are ready for GIN!



Believe it or not Summer is just a stone’s throw away. Cold toes, leaving the house with 45 layers and scraping the ice of your windscreen at 8 in the morning, and be replaced by longer days, sunlight (yay, vitamin D) and cocktails.

Gin is having a huge movement at the moment. The idea of gin being specific to diet bunnies and old ladies seem to be the thing of the past and I for one am all for finding the perfect Gin based summer cocktail.

It’s a hard job but someone has to do it.

Sunshine, is something that I miss so dearly right now. I love nothing more than spending an afternoon in the sunshine testing out a few cocktails and laughing with the girls. Sometimes, this is exactly what we need to forget about are woes for just a few hours. After a little bit of a bad…

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