Meghan and Harrys’s Secrets Revealed!

Meghan Over The Kings Dead Body, Number One New Book Release on Amazon has opened up amazing information on the royal couple that NO ONE ELSE has! This was just one chapter to the NEW release:

Meghan: Descendent of African Slaves & European Royalty: The All American Hollywood Princess, The Markle Effect Book 4

Why Prince Harry and Meghan were in an Afghanistan war zone in Dec 2014 & and how that military connection leads to love on the 1st date!

The real story of interracial love and struggle with the British Empire behind the Hollywood Princess, Meghan’s engagement ring!

How Meghan will have to walk over the chamber that holds King Henry Vlll’s Body to marry Prince Harry, knowing King Henry Vlll ordered the beheading of her direct ancestors and seized their family fortune for the throne.

The secrets in this book will stun even the biggest Meghan Markle and Royal fans!

What PornHub has to do with Meghan Markle. Every dirty secret.

It is a must-read.  Download this book NOW!

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