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Hookers & Blow Party At The Whiskey

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Dizzy Reed of Guns & Roses Last time Hookers & Blow played The Compound Dizzy Reed played key boards with Salem. That was 10 years ago. Going to The GO-G0 Going to see them at The Whiskey A Go Go down on Sunset Strip tomorrow night for their 10th…

6 Things That Can Destroy Your Bar

American Nightlife Awards CEO, Anneliese Place, quoted in Nightclub & Bar Magazine 6 Things That Can Destroy Your Bar By AMANDA BALTAZAR Bars and nightclubs have a great reputation: They’re places to relax, have fun and spend time with friends and family. But the reality is not so pretty. Many bars fail within their first three … Continue reading

The American Nightlife Awards

The American Nightlife Awards recognizes the outstanding members and establishments in the nightlife community through popular vote.

Holiday Shopping Is Better Online

Rest Easy Scott Weiland

Guest post from Michael Strider This is one from STP in ’99. My friend Todd Confessore was working with them at that time and got me a photo pass. It is one of my favorite shots from my career. It was also one of the most memorable nights of my career. Scott was a great front man. … Continue reading

Bartending In A New Light

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I stopped into the Lobby Bar at the Aria to meet the winner of the 2015 Bols Best Bartender competition and Vegas Seven’s Best Bartender, Nick Houck. Nick came to Vegas in 2006 from Ohio to be a world class bartender and he is on the fast track … Continue reading

Bats 4 Tequila

Without bats there is no tequila. That’s right, the agave plant needs bats to pollinate and reproduce. Who likes bats now? Bats 4 Tequila Incorporated is a 501 C non profit that educates the public on the dangers to the food and beverage industry and global environment if bats and other mammals and plants become … Continue reading

Why Is 4/20 The Stoners Holiday?

What is it about 4/20 that makes for a stoners holiday? Let’s face it… Stoners don’t need a holiday to blaze. They just need some trees and a fire source with some papers or a bowl or a bong. Even an apple will do if in a tight squeeze. Why do they get a national holiday? … Continue reading

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The American Nightlife Awards recognizes outstanding members and establishments in the nightlife industry through popular vote.