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The American Nightlife Awards

Born in Kansas and raised in Massachusetts, Anneliese has always been fascinated by and surrounded with music. Her summers were spent with her Grandmother in Detroit lounging by the pool of 1300 Lafayette East with Diana Ross.  Anneliese vividly remembers watching the end of the Disco Era there, it was life changing for her.

1300 Lafayette East


Anneliese attended Smith College in Massachusetts. There she focused her studies on business and the arts. She could not escape the allure of nightlife and began renting local venues to throw private events.


This was just the beginning, Anneliese worked her way up through the ranks of the nightlife industry, working as a cocktail waitress to eventually owner of her own nightclub, The Compound.

365 nights a year it was her business to do pleasure with you.

compound nights

As a business woman doing what she loved, Anneliese was excited to be in The Compound, running a successful establishment. As customers, touring bands and rock stars came through her doors, she could study people, and listen to their stories. “I became a student of life and music”, she recalls. She became a true expert in the music and entertainment industry, where she not only learned this industry but lived it.



The Queen of Nightlife with Nuno Bettencourt & Tantric @ The Compound

Anneliese moved cross-country with her two daughters and planted her roots in Santa Barbara, California, where she founded The American Nightlife Awards. “Anneliese’s love of music is infectious”, said one fan, “Once you see her at work, you want to spend every  night with her”.


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  1. Anna is an amazing woman! She’s done it all and keeps going! Very impressive!


    1. Val~ What a nice surprise to read this. A treat to say the least. Thank you!


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