Celebrate National Margarita Day With Bats 4 Tequila

Cheers to February 22, National Margarita Day, Tequila and BATS! We wait all year to get our drink on and celebrate the wonderful cocktail. It’s a day full of licking salt or sugar rims, limes and for some a bit of regret. This year is different, something has changed… The world is facing a tequila shortage! The internet was shaken last week by the news. “The growth has overtaken us,” Francisco Soltero, director of strategic planning at Patrón Spirits International, told Reuters. “It’s a crisis of success of the industry.” There may be more to this crisis than demand. Enter Bats 4 Tequila! A 501 c, Nonprofit with hopes of helping save TEQUILA with BATS!


Bats 4 Tequila has thrown up a signal for help. “There is more to the shortage than high demand, large tequila makers have cut out the bats for the pollination process and Mother Nature isn’t amused. Bats are the agave plants only natural pollinator, with no cross-pollination of the plants” Bats 4 Tequila says “Many of the plants have become diseased. Tequila sales are at an all-time high and not factoring in the true cost of that production on the agave plants and its pollinators.”

“We need to address the root problem the industry is dealing with, it stems from a high number of diseased crops. The highest demand needs to be met with a solution that considers the way the plant grows in nature, truly getting back to the roots of tequila itself.” Find out more by visiting the nonprofit’s website, make a donation matching your margarita(s) and Watch a video about Bats 4 Tequila

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    Surprised mail . Happy

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